Effective workout system
Imagine a fitness and rehab tool that weights only 8,5 oz, uses physics for its benefits and fits in your pocket.”The revolutionary system of Marrko Core Exercises can offer you all of that.



– aleives hip, lower back and neck pain

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– fast waist slimming, overall MARRKO core
– body strenghtening and physical fitness improvement

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FUNCTIONAL – fast results
HANDY – fits in your pocket
SIMPLE – everybody can use it
LIGHT – only 14,1 OZ! Pack it and work out anywhere



European production, precise outcome.
Components mounted by renowned companies.
Carefully assembled in hand.

Technologie MARRKO CORE

zatezovaci-hlavice marrko core


Made of two materials: hard core, soft surface (for your safety).
Vložná závaží Marrko Core


Can be adjusted either by inserting weights or by the speed of rotation.
držadlo Marrko Core


Its design trully stands out (tempted to touch it?).
barevné kombinace marrko core


Core = DCSM (Deep Core Stability Muscles)

  • Core refers to all the neck, chest, lower back and hip muscles
    that help maintain stability of your spine
  • DCSM includes 29 muscles that control all movement of your body
Vnitřní svalstvo CORE

How Marrko core works?

Marrko activates DCSM (inner muscles)

MARRKO CORE uses the centrifugal force to activate the DCSM – the centrifugal force shifts the center of gravity of the boy during a work out. To bring the center of gravity back to its neutral postion, the brain has to give an impulse to the deep core stability muscles (inner muscles). As a result, the whole DCSM is being strenghtened.

Marrko evens out imbalance

Muscle imbalance appears during sport activities which strain the body in an uneven manner (such as tennis, golf, gymnastics, lifting and carrying heavy weights in just one arm). Marrko core helps to even out such imbalance. Thanks to the centrifugal force, muscles on both sides of the body are trained evenly.



Testing Marrko core´s impact on health and physical fitness

Marrko core was tested in the labs of the biomechanics department at the Sports Facullty of the Charles University in Prague. The results proved comparable, in some aspects even better results than other rehabilitation tools tested in this laboratory.

The diploma thessis written on the subject of Marrko core (biomechanical case study) is available here:
Analysis of postural reactions during exercise with loading of the upper limbs by centrifugal force
AUTHOR: Dudová, Daniela



Marrko core is a tool aiming primarily at the waist and core. Waist is a problematic area for both men and women. It is the waist, where all the sins of bad life style appear – be it the lack of movement, wrong diet, or stressful environment.

Slim waist, strength,
dynamic movement

Most exercises in the Marrko core system use waist rotators (torse movement), which create a slim waist.   The torse movement is in the very essence of human movement, it creates the dynamic potential of the future movement and strength. It also affects the accuracy of the movement. 

Fast and Effective
Fat Burning


You will only need one tool for the whole upper body workout, and even get some workout for the lower body. Marrko core enables for all the core muscles to exercise which makes the fat burn effectively and results are obvius over a very short period of time. 



Marrko core makes for an ideal compensation work out for sports that are rather straining in just some areas,  therefore one-sided. 


The Marrko Core journey


My name is Martin Kofroň and I invented a rehabilitation and fitness system Marrko core. It all started with the events of 2012, when I served, as a member of the 43rd airborne battalion in Afghanistan. While on a mission, my spine was injured in the field. After I came home, the pain was close to unbearable and my spine had a constricted range of movement. Eventually a tingling sensation in my toes appeared.

The first relief I felt after two weeks of daily rehabilitation in a specialised health facility, but the pain still wouldn´t go. I turned one room in my house into a fitness lab, where I used ropes to achieve positions that would relieve the strain that my spine was under. One day I needed to take down a climbing rope I regularly used. It had knots that helped me stay in the desired positions. The knots on the rope were so tight that I had to cut the rope off. I threw it in the corner of my gym…


Who is behind the Marrko Core project?

The inventor of Marrko core is an airborn batallion veteran, who hurt his spine in Afghanistan while on mission. Marrko core was originally a rehab tool. Later, great benefits in the field of fitness, professional sport and stretching were proved as well.

What should be known about Marrko CORE?

It is important to know that Marrko is not imitating any other invention. Marrko is an original tool, fully functional and multipurpose. To this day no other fitness tool on the market has offered to provide such a thorough workout for the whole core.

What are the advantages of Marrko over other workout systems?
  • Effective: 5 minutes a day towards a strong core!
  • Handy: You can fit Marrko in a handbag, backpack or a pocket!
  • Light: An entire fitness center in a package under 14,1 OZ is a small revolution!
  • Easy: Everybody can do it!
What makes Marrko core revolutionary?

Marrko core workout system uses centrifugal force to reach an effect that is completely new in the field of workout tools. The centrifugal force formed by spinning Marrko tips the center of gravity off its natural position in the middle.

The centrifugal force formed by spinning Marrko tips the center of gravity off its natural position in the middle. The brain then sends a command to the deep stabilisation systém of muscles along the spine to bring the center of gravity back. As a result, the deep group of muscles is being strenghtened.  Isn´t that surprisingly simple?

Why should I exercise with Marrko CORE?

Firstly, Marrko system is able to tone the inner stabiization system (LPHC) and other inner groups of muscles, which are often left out of regular workouts. In this manner it serves as a prevention from back pain as well as a rehab tool.

Secondly, Marrko aims at a healthy life style, correct posture, overall fitness, strenght for life, good movement and a better figure.

Last but not least, Marrko is perfectly suitable for active athletes. When it comes to sports at all levels, a strong core is the stepping stone to any achievement. No athlete can do without a muscular, balanced core. All movement starts or uses a support from the core. It affects the dynamics, strenght and accurateness of movement.

Marrko core is the ideal compensation tool for sports with one-sided workouts.

What makes Marrko core so effective?

The Marrko core system of exercising is effective because it serves several purposes. The upper and lower body both get a great workout with one tool, and in a short period of time. No one-sided overworked group of muscles as is the case with sit-ups. Marrko core allows for a very thorough workout of ALL core muscles. No imbalance, no pain! Lower back pain often stems from an uneven workout, but that is NOT the case with Marrko core. There are three major benefits to using Marrko core:

A. When using Marrko core, the torso rotators are involved. These muslces form a healthy looking, slim waist.

B. Marrko workout is a workout for the inner stabilization system as well. Contraction of these deep core muscles provides segmental stabilisation of the spine. But because most workouts do NOT include the inner muscles, many posture problems arise. Marrko core is the path to go for anyone interested in improving poor posture.

C. Two things can be adjusted with Marrko core: the intensity of the workout and the weight of the actual tool. These adjustments change the dynamics of the movement, the strenght one has to use, endurance or the amount of calories burnt (using common cardio watch).

Marrko core offers a great workout for both outter and inner muscle system.  Combining the two makes for an elegant, slim body.

Is the Marrko system safe?

Standing is the most natural pose for human beings. It is the most ideal position for workouts due to its stabililty. Injuries are rare. What´s more, the intensity of one´s workout is totally indiidual and up to one´s mood and condition.

Who can use Marrko core?

Anyone. Marrko core is suitable for people between the ages of 15 and 100 years of age, since it’s possible for anyone to adjust the intensity of the workout, weight of the tool and the range of movement according to their abilities and needs. In general, a slow grow in intensity and a slow adding af weights is recommended, range of movement according of abilities, in case of injury recovery: following doctor´s advice.

What makes Marrko core appealing to women and girls?

Marrko core primarily deals with issues of the waist. Waist is a problematic area for both men and women. That is where all our life style transgressions leave a footprint – from lack of movement to bad diet and stress.

If your goal during Marrko exercise is to burn the highest percentage of calories from fat, it is easy to check that you stay in the calculated target heart rate range for fat burn with a simple fitness watch.

The movement with Marrko system of workouts is unique – Marrko tones both the outter groups of muscles (those other people see) and the inner groups, which can not be seen, but   determine a healthy posture.

Another one of the many advantages that women will appreciate, is the low weight and the small size of Marrko core. Marrko can be easily carried around in a handback due to its weight of only 14.1 OZ! Marrko is perfect for both a dynamic, explosive workout as well as a relaxing stretching.

Why is Marrko appealing to athletes?

When it comes to sports at all levels, a strong core is the stepping stone to any achievement. No athlete can do without a muscular, balanced core. All movement starts or uses a support from the core. It affects the dynamics, strenght and accuracy of movement. Marrko core is the ideal compensation tool for sports with one-sided training. A strong core can absorb a major part of the force developed in landings, strenghtens the spine and protects inner organs from the shock associated with continued jumping and landing. It prevents the body from injuries in the long term when it comes to professional athletes.

What is appealling about Marrko core for very busy people?

Even very busy people who are otherwise not able to work out properly can get a very good workout thanks to Marrko, as it is easy to carry around and use anywhere – at home, at a rest on a high road, during a break at work.

Is Marrko core going to help me with a prevailing back pain?

Back pain can stem from all kinds of causes. It is often caused by bad posture and lack of movement, which, sooner or later affects the health.   

Bad movement stereotypes last a lifetime. Life style, nowadays, is mostly sedatory – children are forced to sit at the desk at school, adults sit in their offices and at home while watching TV in the evening. This often causes bad posture and a hunchback later on in life. People are designed to spend most of the day moving around and it is never too late to start. 

Marrko core was originally created to fix back problems, as the simple principle of using centrifugal force to stabilize and support the spine is simply genius.  

Therefore the answer is yes, Marrko is a very important tool when fighting back pain.

Has Marrko been tested for its influence on health ans physical fitness?

Yes, Marrko core is being tested at the Faculty of sports at the Charles University in Prague.

Up till now the study results are continuously showing improvement in core muscle strength with affectivity higher than in other tools.

The diploma thessis written on the subject of Marrko Core (biomechanical case study)

How long will Marrko last if used regularly?

Marrko will be produced in the Czech republic, with the best material brought from Switzerland, and carefully assembled in hand.

The inventor (who is also the producer) insists on the highest quality of the product.

Marrko core, if used for its purpose, will probably last forever.

Has Marrko core been stress tested for damage by use and longevity of its components?

Special stress test machines were constructed for Marrko, which were supposed to find weaknesses in the first Marrko core prototypes. 

The ball-bearing, which is affected by both radial and axial forces, did well. The rope of the prototype was a common climbing rope, and had to be replaced as well, because in a typical marrko movement the rope is being under extreme flex strain.  

In cooperation with a different rope was fabricated speciically for Marrko core. It easily lasted 8 million rotations and 90 degree bendings with no signs of damage. The current prototype of Marrko core is therefore not susceptible to any damage even in very demanding stress tests.

How and where was the design for Marrko created?

The design of Marrko was created at the University of arts in Prague.

Eleven students created a design study and later a prototype being led by M.A. Ivan Dlabač a MgA. Vlastimil Bartas.

 The winning design is by two students – Michael Rosa and Tomáš Chludil, whose impact on the final design of Marrko is major.

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